Hunting in enclosure
See pictures of the hunting fence's biotope at the bottom of the page, not just beautiful - a challenge.
Fallow Deer and Mouflon in the hunting fence stealth hunting/watch hunting/hunting with dogs
Booking fee SEK 1500/day and hunter. The booking fee is deducted from the game fee after the hunt. If game is not caught, the booking fee will not be refunded.                           

Trapping fees               Including trophy and meat
Fallow deer
Calf                                           3000
Lace                                          6500
Age barrier                                5500
Hind                                          6500
Rod                                            8,000
Half shovel                               10,500
Full Shovel/Capital                   15,000
Capital Medal bronze and silver          Request quote

Ram  capital                                  17 000
Lesser ram                                     12 000
Ewe                                                6,500
Lamb                                              3 000

Accommodation in our hunting lodge can be booked see the "Accommodation" tab.
Contact us for more information.       

Wildlife hunting 2022-2023
Please contact us for more information and pricelist

  • Stalking Roe Deer from 16 August
  • Moose hunting
  • Combination hunt. Roe deer drive and flock hunting ducks
  • Kätabo Wildboar - wild boar hunting with setting and driving dogs.
  • Small game hunting on your own, from November.
  • Duck hunting with your own dog from November.

Hunting officer: Stefan Holmgren / Lilla Kätabo Gård
0708-730 750

See pictures biotope Hunting fence