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Hunting Enclosure
Fallow deer and Mouflon sheep
Kätabo Deer Enclosure
In our enclosure we have a nice tribe of fallow deer and mouflon. Everything from several substantial medal deer, to pole and tip, hinds, yearling calves and capital mouflons.
The hunt is conducted as:
- Stealth hunting for single hunters on selected game
- Vigil hunting for up to 4 hunters at the same time from the hunting tower on selected game
- Hunting witth dogs if possible for up to 5 hunters at the same time in a hunting tower or as a single hunter on stealth hunts. Meat hunting - hunt your own fallow deer meat
Trophy hunting - there are many nice trophies.
Meat of fallen game goes to the shooter.
Hunting from the 16th of August.
Contact us for more information.
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Wild Life

Roe deer buck stalking 

Stalking - The grounds can be booked from 16th of August until 31st August.

Moose hunting
We welcome a few guest hunters every year.
You will be part of the regular hunting team but have to pay a hunting fee per day.

Katabo Wildboar
Wild boar hunting with setting and driving dog

Small game hunting on your own
For those who want to hunt alone without a dog, sneak and enjoy nature.
Deer, fox, wild boar, capercaillie and grouse.

For more information please contact us
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Duck hunting with your own dog
In November, you can hunt ducks with your own dog in all our duck waters.
Contact us for more information.
Prices - see the prices tab.